Head Massage

Head Massage

        Indian Champissage

   (Ayurvedic Head Massage )


Indian Head Massage not only works on the head, but also the shoulders, upper arms, neck and face before balancing the top three Chakras (energy centres) making it a truly holistic treatment to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life in the 21st century.Champissage (Indian Head Massage) has been practised for over a thousand years in India as a tradition of family grooming. Although originally developed by women who used different oils according to the season to keep their hair strong, lustrous and in beautiful condition, barbers would often offer 'Champi' as part of the treatment when going to a client's house to cut hair.

Champissage was introduced to this country in the 1970's by Narendra Mehta MBE who, although blind from early childhood, is an accomplished Osteopath, Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist. Arriving in London to study Physiotherapy during the 1970's, he was surprised to discover that head massage was not included as part of the treatment given at the barbers; he later returned to India to research head massage wherever it was practised and during his journey he found the methods used varied from person to person: The barbers would concentrate on his scalp, while his mother and her women friends focused on treating the hair. In addition, everyone who worked with him had his or her own individual technique, which had been handed down and developed through the generations.

Because of his blindness his other senses are very finely tuned and he was able to devise a therapy that would bring the greatest relief to, not only the multitude of problems concentrated in the head, but also those of the neck, shoulders and upper arms. Narendra Mehta has continued to develop his techniques over the years and the treatment now includes gentle massage of the face and ears. Balancing of the body's energy now enhances the overall effect of the treatment.

Stress-busting in the workplace
  • Stress at work is a big problem for business and can have a huge cost - more than 6.7 million working days, and £3.8 billion, lost per year!·
  • Headaches; Migraines
  • Repetative strain injury (RSI)
  • Back shoulder and neck stiffness and pain
  • Feelings of not being able to cope
  • Depression (mind mentions Complementary and Alternative therapies on its website)

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