An Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

An Holistic Approach to Wellbeing -

Taking an holistic approach to wellbeing, and often working alongside 'medical science', Complementary and Alternative Medicine is being used by increasing numbers of people, who have found it effective in assisting at times of physical, mental and emotional stress.

Providing a calm & comfortable environment in which to relax, Valerie Lowe, your fully qualified therapist will work with you to plan an individual course of treatment from the list above to help improve both your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

When the pressures of everyday life get too much to bear, take a little time out for yourself and find relief from stress and tension, allowing your mind to clear and troubles to float away.

Reducing tension in the body may also relieve headaches, and physical aches and pains brought on by a stressful lifestyle. The body's self-healing mechanism is encouraged to 'kick-in' and body systems stimulated to rebalance, as testimonials have shown. 


Learn to treat yourself with the gentle art of Reiki - something any of us can quickly learn to do by attending a short training course. For more information please contact us.

Children and Therapies

Many holistic therapies are equally effective for children. Bring your child along for a treatment and learn how to help them for yourself at the same time, in some cases.

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Photo Profile New Site   Valerie Lowe is a fully qualified, insured and experienced Holistic Therapist working in Ashford Kent.

All content within this website is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor. Please consult your GP if you are in any way concerned about your health. Complementary medicine can work alongside conventional treatment in many cases.

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kanji Reiki works on the mental, emotional and physical levels and brings about a sense of calm and deep relaxation, which in turn promotes self-healing in the whole person. As with most holistic therapies, Reiki is based on the free-flow of energy but unlike some other therapies has no contraindications for its use.

Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui Sensei - a Japanese who has, in the past, been depicted as both a Buddhist and a Christian teacher (although recent information from Japan suggests he was in fact a Tendai Buddhist).

Usui Sensei undertook an extensive study of the healing phenomena of history's greatest spiritual healers. Visiting monasteries and libraries he travelled widely on a spiritual journey that led to his discovery of Reiki. He learned Sanskrit and read the Buddhist teachings in the ancient sutras (spiritual texts).

In 1914, after spending 21 days in meditation on Mount Korama, Usui at last felt he had discovered the answer he had been searching for and a healing system known as 'Reiki' evolved. Unlike many therapies, Reiki - the channelling of 'universal energy', would not only promote self-healing in the recipient but would not deplete the practitioner's own energies in the process.

Mikao Usui spent the rest of his life practising and teaching this wonderful method of natural healing, which was brought to the West in 1938 by Mrs Hawayo Takata who herself trained in Reiki after being 'healed' by Reiki in a Tokyo clinic.

Reiki is compatible with just about everything in life - other complementary therapies, different religions, any kind of diet, medicines taken - in fact, life itself!


Research information into pain relief using Reiki and other 'Biofield' therapies:

Read about my meeting with Tadao Yamaguchi, whose mother trained with Dr Hayashi - a student of Mikao Usui 

Find this above under "Treatments/Reiki/Janpanese"

Mikao Usui - the man who discovered the natural healing phenomena, which became known as REIKI.

Mrs Hawayo Takata who brought REIKI to the West

Message from one of my Reiki Students:

"I just wanted to thank you Val, for all the patience and help you gave me during my attunements and afterwards.

Reiki has really changed my life. I have met some wonderful people through Reiki, other practictioners, animal healers.. all sorts of lovely people, I know I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet them without following the path I am following."

Meslissa (Kent)

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